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Budapest, 2018. március 15. Vona Gábor, a Jobbik elnöke, miniszterelnök-jelöltje beszédet mond pártja ünnepségén, amelyet az 1848-49-es forradalom és szabadságharc kitörésének 170. évfordulója alkalmából tartottak a Batthyány-örökmécsesnél 2018. március 15-én. Mögötte az áprilisi országgyûlési választáson induló jobbikos képviselõjelöltek. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

Jobbik’s leader Gábor Vona, addressing his party’s commemoration of the March 15 national holiday, said he strove to deal with real problems facing Hungary such as security and democracy, a functioning health and social system, a modern education system, a just retirement system, the abolition of migration and fair wages.

Speaking ahead of the April 8 general election, Vona said he invited all well-intentioned, honest Hungarians “to raise a flag of freedom not a banner of fear and oppression”.

Referring to the government’s anti-migrant campaign, Vona said real security was not provided by billboards but by a dedicated border guard. Jobbik, he added, would not accept European Union migrant quotas.

He argued for a strong and just Europe, and “a real democracy with independent institutions and unsparing accountability”.

Vona also said Jobbik wanted a functioning health-care sytstem and social welfare with an autonomous health ministry and a separate education ministry fit for the 21st century. He also pledged a fair and flexible pension system in which both men and women can retire after 40 years of work. Further, he promised to tailor benefits to people’s need.

jobbik party Vona PM candidate
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He promised an administration which respected public-sector workers and people in uniforms, and he vowed to save local councils. He also demanded justice for people holding foreign currency loans.

Vona pledged to stop emigration by offering policies tailored for young people and families focused on home-building and rental support.

Instead of handing out tax incentives to multinational companies, a Jobbik government would support increasing the productivity of domestic micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, he said.

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The radical nationalist leader insisted that fear, bitterness, anger, and pain now dominated public life in Hungary. Rather than an external threat, Hungary was endangered by a “growing internal repression and madness”. Whereas in the past he felt the country had fallen back into the clasp of communism, today it is redolent of medieval feudalism, Vona said.

“The current lordships live in hunting lodges … though now they travel in helicopters and yachts,” he said.

Vona said he did not look at what separates but what connects. He declared that he would never fight Hungarians again, adding that “Ferenc Gyurcsány and Viktor Orbán created this kind of policy”.

At the event commemorating the 170th anniversary of Hungary’s anti-Habsburg revolution, the radical nationalist party’s 106 individual constituency candidates swore an oath of allegiance before a reproduction of the Holy Crown.

Jobbik party Holy Crown
Photo: MTI

Photo: MTI

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  1. Vona Gábor, I remember what you was and what you believed in a couple of years ago. You was a person for your country and people. Your party seemed to represent the good of the Hungarian people. You vowed to clean the country of unwanted personnel, illegal people in the country, to bring about lawfull justice and to put yourselves (the party) there for the people. You changed, and I and others saw a different Vona Gábor. You started turning against the Fidesz government, mainly against Orbán Viktor, for things you both didn’t see eye to eye with. You seemed to lose that Nationalistic need to put the country to rights and fill the hearts of the people with joy and happiness. Now, because there is an election coming up, you have changed back again. Good. You have come up with a sound manifesto, however, very much the same as Orbán Viktor has been working on for the past eight years, and has scored some remarkable results. You have mentioned Security, Democracy, A Functioning Health Service and Social System. Modern Education System, Just Retirement System, and Fair Wages. If you look around you, you will see that all these items are being implemented, with success in most so far. Things that are manifested, take time to implement and gain results. As the saying goes-ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY. Going back in time, Hungary suffered a lot through two World Wars, many years of Communist occupation, followed by years of Socialism. Needless to say 150 years of Turkish rule and domination, all showing their worth with death, starvation and degradation. The country had had enough. Fidesz came to power in 2010 and swore they would correct this country come what may, and make it into a country that people would be proud of. And they have done just that. But, as I said, things take time, and in time things will get better and better. However, cooperation is needed. That cooperation comes from the people and the political views. Everyone has their right to their views, even though some of those views are not what is needed to correct situations. The Communist and the Socialists tried, but their views didn’t work. Now we have the views of the Fidesz members, and they seem to be working. Excellent. This government has looked closely into to organisations of Soros Gyögy, and know for fact that he, along with other elements of EU members are trying to bring about a New World Order, which entails the downfall of Europe. This is basically being created by mass migration organised by Soros organisations. Rightfully so, you, Vona Gábor are saying you want the abolition of migration, no to migrant quotas and dedicated border guards. What you are saying, are the very things that this government has been implementing for the past three years, including the fence and the fight against the EU commision about quotas. Everything they have been doing has been within the European and international law. Now what needs to be said, is, your mandates are basically the same as Fidesz, so why do you shun them (Fidesz I mean)? You and Fidesz have the same thoughts and feelings towards the Hungarian people and the country. If you and Jobbik decide to go into cooperation with the opposition Socialists in order to win over this government, you will be counting yourselves as down right HYPOCRITES. The reason I say this, is because what the Socialists and other lefty parties are saying and planning on doing, like flooding Hungary with migrants, is completely against what you and Fidesz stand for. Even if you don’t win the election as an individual party you will be in second position, which is better than losing your party to a bunch of hypocrites who are working for the European Commission and Soros. Think on. You would be more recognised standing by Fidesz than the opposition Socialists.

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