According to the 2013 data of UN, the highest proportion of migrants is in Andorra, while the lowest is in Bosnia. The images of the international organization reveal that the most populous minority group is Algerian in France and Indians in Britain, said.

Most recently, the United Nations measured in 2013 that what percentage of the European countries’ residents did not birth in that state.

The proportion of migrants is the highest with 56.9% in Andorra, while the lowest with 0.6% in Bosnia.

The UN also looked what minority is the most populous in a given country. In Hungary, Italy and in Spain, those who were born in Romania are the largest minority; while in Germany, the Netherlands and in Macedonia, those who were born in Turkey are the largest ones.

As has also reported, in Germany, the number of people entering the country without permission increased by more than 75% last year, and their number rose the highest since the reunification. In the first half of this year, more illegal immigrants were registered than last year’s peak year.

Meanwhile, in Hungary, the construction of temporary technical closing of borders has begun. Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Szijjarto said on M1 television, it does not seem to decrease the illegal immigration pressure on Hungary.

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