According to the spokeswoman of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Anna Nagy, Hungarian diplomacy is stunned by Romania’s rejection of Hungary’s request to open two consular offices in Erdély (Transylvania), in part because Romania gave no explanation of the rejection, and also because the Hungarian government has never limited any country to open consular offices in Hungary.

The spokeswoman added that the frustration of the Hungarian side increased by the fact that in the meantime, Romanian Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean praised Hungarian-Romanian bilateral relations.

The spokeswoman remarked that the Hungarian government hoped that the Romanian foreign minister’s initial positive opinion on bilateral relations was sincere and that the decision, which is unacceptable by European diplomatic standards has been approved without the minister’s knowledge.

The Hungarian government initiated the opening of two consular offices in Romania in April last year. In addition to the Bucharest embassy Hungary has consular offices in Csíkszereda and Kolozsvár.

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