Romania will have to postpone further relaxation measures of coronavirus restrictions previously scheduled for July 1 amid the escalation of infections in recent days, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said Tuesday.

“It is a figure that makes us stay on guard, stay focused and mobilized so as to implement the measures we have taken, as the evolution of the number of cases has led us to postpone other relaxation measures,” Orban was quoted as saying by official Agerpres news agency, after visiting a large company in the southern part of the country.

The prime minister on Monday pointed out that he would convene all ministers and all state institutions that have control remits to make an analysis of the measure plan to ensure rule observance.

“It has become clear that in many places the rules are not followed and there is an increased risk of transmitting the virus due to non-compliance with the rules,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Nelu Tataru also told a local TV station that the country had an increase in the number of new cases, intensive care cases and deaths in the past two weeks, blaming all these on the lack of self-protection instincts of some citizens.

The epidemic has rebounded in Romania since mid-June. According to the statistics, the average number of new cases per day from June 16 to 30 was over 320, while the daily cases in the first half of the month were 194.

New cases reached 460 and 411 on June 25 and 26 respectively.

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Source: Xinhua

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  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that most of the virus cases and the increases are in areas outside of Transylvania and the Carpathian Basin. The low infection rate in Hungary may indicate that the Carpathian Basin Ecosystem may be more tolerant to the virus. It would be a good study to see if this is true and check the areas of all the other countries in the Basin to see if this may be true—-

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