Radu Banzaru, Romanian actor, will play Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in the new movie about German Chancellor Angela Merkel, reported the Romania Insider. According to them, the movie will take place in the summer of 2015; the main theme will be the handling of the immigrant crisis and the decisions made by the German leader.

The film will showcase the conflicts which Merkel had with her fellow German politicians, as well as with leaders of other countries, for her decision to let Syrian refugees in. Among these leaders will be Orbán, who did not want to let refugees in, wrote Index.

Imogen Kogge, German actress, was cast to play Angela Merkel. The movie will be based on Robin Alexander, journalist’s bestseller, Die Getriebenen. Stephan Wagner will direct the film, who directed several Tatort (Crime scene, a German crime series) episodes, and made German TV films, too.

radu banzaru romanian actor
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Out of Radu Banzaru’s movies, Toni Erdmann is probably the most well-known in Hungary. The German film came out in 2016 and was even nominated for an Oscar.

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Source: https://index.hu/

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