Hungarian military cemetery Szeklerland Romanian nationalists
Most of the attacking Romanians were drunk. Photo: MTI

Romania’s ambassador to Hungary has been summoned to the foreign ministry to account for Thursday’s events at a Hungarian WW1 memorial cemetery in Valea Uzului (Uzvolgye) but refused to comply, citing conflicting orders, a ministry official said in Budapest on Friday.

At the cemetery, the local council has erected a memorial site for Romanian soldiers fallen in the second world war. Ahead of the site’s inauguration late on Thursday, the visitors of that event clashed with Szekler demonstrators and eventually forced their way into the cemetery.     

State Secretary Levente Magyar called the events an “anti-Hungarian provocation”. The ministry has issued a diplomatic note of protest and summoned the ambassador. Refusing to answer the summons was “below all courtesy and friendship”, Magyar said.

“Romania has refused an opportunity for dialogue.”   

Hungary still has a vested interest in a correct and good relationship with Romania to ensure the peaceful coexistence of Hungarians and Romanians, Magyar said.   

The latest events raise questions about Romania’s good faith in upholding those ties, he said. Romanian authorities stood idly by as “the graves were defiled”, and watched as Romanian attackers beat peaceful Hungarian protesters, he said.     

Hungary expects Romania to thoroughly review this “shameful incident”, he said.     

The Romanian foreign ministry, in a statement sent to MTI, blamed Hungarian officials for “creating tension” and insisted that the Romanian side had tried to calm down the parties and urged a “balanced solution acceptable for both communities”.   

In its statement, the Romanian foreign ministry highlighted the “international” character of the cemetery and said that each country has the right to pay tribute to their dead buried there.     

The allied ruling Fidesz and Christian Democratic parties have strongly condemned “the action carried out by Romanian extremists” in the cemetery.     

“The violence and provocation in the Valea Uzului cemetery is unacceptable. Desecrating a cemetery with heroes resting there and the crosses on their graves is an outrageous act. Romanian authorities must take steps in order to eliminate the tension,” Fidesz said in a statement, pledging the Hungarian government’s support to the Transylvanian Hungarian community in connection with the affair.     

Opposition Jobbik has strongly condemned the clash as an “unprecedented incident” and demands an immediate investigation into the matter. The nationalist party has called on the Hungarian government to take resolute action through every possible diplomatic channel including international organisations in the matter, a lawmaker of the party told a press conference.     

Opposition LMP has strongly condemned the Romanian diplomatic response as “impolite and unprecedentedly harsh in its manner”.  The party has also called on the Hungarian government to take resolute action.

Source: MTI

  1. Another example to the world showing how Romania will never advance into civilization. I posted this article in North America so Romanians can be proud of their actions.

  2. In this cemetry are the remains of German soldiers, nazis and Hungarian collaborators. Give me one good reason why the Romanians would NOT protest on the 75th anniversary of D-Day? Well Done, Romanians!

  3. Joan, read some history before shooting your mouth off. Many Hungarians were not Nazis nor sided with Nazis. If you read a bit of history you understand why Hungarians were faced with little choice in siding with the Germans. Also you will find that Romanians were also on Germany’s side and supplied Germany with oil.
    That most of the reason Hungary was pushed into the war was because Romania being gifted Transylvania. Your blatant stupidity makes me wonder if the sacrifices made by Canadians to rescue the Dutch from the Nazis was worth it after having Nazi collaborators like you.

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