Organizers of “Windows on Europe” event prevented Hungarian street dancers from parading under the Hungarian flag in Nagyvárad reported news portal.

It is a tradition that Debrecen Flower Festival decorative carriages one day after the event also parade in Nagyvárad.

Romanian authorities often get nervous when they see Hungarian national symbols in Romania regardless of the context of the appearance of those symbols.

Daniel Szabó, leader of the group told “” news portal that an individual wearing a pinkish shirt instructed local organizers of the event to order the Hungarian dance group to put away the Hungarian flag.

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The gesture is astonishing at an event that promotes openness, Europeanism and Hungarian-Romanian cooperation.

A similar incident happened a day earlier when ethnic Hungarians celebrated the Hungarian National Holiday in Nagyvárad.

At the beginning of the event at Szent László Square local police officers told organizers to stop displaying Hungarian and the Árpád-band flags during the celebration.

According to the news portal, Hungarian-Romanian bilateral relations are improving at both local or regional levels, yet old chauvinist reflexes on the Romanian side are still very much alive.


As we wrote before, Hunor Kelemen, the president of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR/RMDSZ) has been harassed for days in the Romanian media for declarations he made regarding the upcoming centennial of the 1918 Great Union, and is now facing threats from civil organisations, as well as individuals, who demand that his Romanian citizenship be taken away.

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Source: MTI

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  1. “yet old chauvinist reflexes on the Romanian side are still very much alive.”

    You don’t say. Are you perfect? I already discussed this issue on another article involving Romania and i will try to do so again.

    “Hungarian flag in Nagyvárad”

    Speaking of chauvinism that city’s official name is Oradea. “Nagyvárad” is the hungarian name of that city and should only be used when you are speaking hungarian.

    Someone on this site once told me that because it’s a hungarian interest site the names used should be the hungarian ones. Yes that would’ve been the case if this site was written in hungarian but it is written in english. So if the text was written in hungarian it would only be right that the names used to be the hungarian names for those cities or places. But when a text is written in english always the official and in this case the romanian name should be used. The name of this site is not dailynewsmagyarorszá if you understand the big idea then please try to avoid calling our places with hungarian names in english. Since english is the international language and the official names are in romanian those names should be used when speaking or writing in english. Don’t be chauvinists 😀

    Don’t get me wrong! This is not an act of hate upon the fact that this city has it’s own hungarian name. It has a german one as well after all. But these names should only be used when speaking the language their name comes from. So if you are speaking hungarian tthe city’s name is Nagyvárad, if you are speaking german the city’s name is Großwardein. If you are speaking english or any other language that doesn’t have a direct name for this city you should call it Oradea!

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