Traian Băsescu said that Romania should gain a quarter of today’s Hungary in an interview during the congress of the European People’s Party (EPP) in Zagreb (Croatia) after he made it clear that he has a special relationship with Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán. asked the former Romanian president about what he thinks about working together with the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ), why Romanian politicians never promise anything for local Hungarians, and what Romania would do if its borders reached the Tisza so Bucharest would have to deal with a much bigger Hungarian minority.

Traian Băsescu said that he did not miss Fidesz from the congress of the EPP (where they were not invited because their membership is suspended), but he believes that they should remain a member of the party. He added that he has a special relationship with PM Viktor Orbán, so he supports him.

But he also said that

he does not like that Hungary supports autonomy movements

in Romania (where the Szeklers would like to create an autonomous region, but Bucharest does not even want to hear about it).

About the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania, he said that he did not support the cooperation with them when he was president because they are not loyal to any Romanian parties. He said that Romanian politicians do not promise anything to the Hungarians living in Romania because they now have a president from the German minority (probably meaning that Klaus Johannis, in this regard, is himself a promise).

He added that

everybody should stick to the constitution of Romania.

He supports Johannis in the second round of the presidential election because the other alternative is a Socialist, and he has been fighting the Socialists all his life. And they are not dead yet, they are extremely dangerous, they can return any time to the government because they have the biggest organisation in the country.

About the Hungarian-Romanian relationship, he said that it is OK. But he does not like that the Hungarian foreign minister forbade the staff of the Hungarian embassies to celebrate December 1st. That is the national day of Romania, but it is a tragedy for Hungary at the same time because it commemorates the loss of Transylvania and many other territories with almost 2 million Hungarians living there.

He also said that Romania begins at the Tisza.

However, when the reporter asked what Romania would do with a much bigger Hungarian community, Băsescu only said “Look the propaganda, the stupid propaganda of the Hungarians. They are extremely aggressive.”

This is not the first time that Traian Basescu says something anti-Hungarian: in 2017, he drew attention to himself by saying that all Romanians should boycott MOL gas stations in the country because the company displayed maps of Szeklerland at their gas stations (Bucharest does not recognise Szeklerland as a separate and specific region of Romania). Before, he attacked legislation and Romanian governing parties for allowing the 15th of March to become a national day for Hungarians in Romania.

The relationship between Hungary and Romania has not been too good lately, more details HERE.


  1. Let’s settle the border than from Tisza.
    Empty talks lead to arguments between the Romanian and Hungarian people.

  2. The answer is simple. According to the Declaration of the Universal Human Rights and Territorrial Rights of a State, all minorities will benefit from constitutional rights and will be held accountable for any violation of the Universal Human Rights. In simpler words, show some respect for the country that hosts you and it’s laws. And stop behaving like pack animals and get along with your Romanian neighbors wherever you are. By being under the care of a democratic state, act democratically and humainly. Abuses are not tollerated.

  3. There is a war going on right next door in Ukraine. Romania wants 25% of Hungary. Meanwhile Hungary has a 30,000 men armed force of which 20% are female and a large percentage of the males are old and out of shape. They do have 30 old T-72 tanks and 12 modern combat planes. Recent announcements about purchasing new tanks, mobile artillery and helicopters is not going to change the balance of power. The numbers of weapons being acquired are tiny. Hungary will regret this. They can’t afford to lose any more wars, territory and people.

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