The man got almost all the way to the Austrian border with 16 people crammed into his vehicle’s airless trunk.

The District Prosecutor’s Office of Sopron has proposed the arrest of a man of Romanian nationality for alleged human smuggling, reported

The man is suspected of having picked up 15 Afghan and one Iranian people in the trunk of his vehicle, in the early morning hours of July 21. Another human smuggler closed the door on them, and they rode for hours in the direction of Sopron.

The refugees barely had any air in the packed trunk, so they kept rumbling to the driver, they also tried to strain the rubber seals on the door, as to get some more air in. The vehicle was taken into police custody near Sopron.

The man is not a Hungarian resident and is rarely available at his Romanian residence. The authorities of Luxembourg also want him. This leads the prosecutors to believe that he might attempt to escape and hide. There have been criminal proceedings against the perpetrator in the other Member States of the European Union. Because of his financially vulnerable situation, he does not have the money to travel back home, so there is a risk of him re-offending.


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