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Border controls were lifted on all of Hungary’s Schengen borders effective Monday but general travel rules applying to non-Hungarian citizens remain in place, the spokesman for the operative board coordinating Hungary’s response to the novel coronavirus epidemic said on Wednesday.

Róbert Kiss told an online press conference that

special rules apply to Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Serbian, Austrian, Slovenian and German citizens, on international humanitarian transit and international freight transport to Hungary.

Police will continue checks within Hungary’s administrative area in line with the authorisation granted by the legal regulations in force, he added.

He also said that

the operative board had decided to set up a deployment unit for the state of health security in the second phase of protection against the epidemic.

This unit will be tasked with taking necessary on-site action in case a novel coronavirus infection is reported in an institution or area, he added.

The Chief Medical Officer told the same press conference that the number of active infections was considerably and continually decreasing.

The number of recovered patients is now twice the number of active infections, she added.

In response to a question concerning a 37-year-old man who had died from the virus even though he had no underlying illness, she said in some rare cases the infection develops extremely fast. The government office is carrying out an investigation and all contacts of the man are being closely monitored, she added.

Source: MTI

  1. Wonderful approach… What is the difference between the citizens of the country and third-country nationals living in the country on a permanent base, I wonder???

    And these people are talking about democracy, rules, and so forth. Besides, from time to time they are surprised why Western countries are so inattentive to their issues…

    There is an old saying “treat others how you want to be treated”.

  2. So if you are a non-Hungarian living in Hungary, it’s still a problem? or What. It’s as clear mud!

  3. When can Belgian citizens enter Hungary without restrictions ? We have booked for 4 th July Brussels – Budapest . Thank you for answering . Respectfully yours .

  4. Seriously, how can Hungary make this so unclear? If you are an EU citizen living here as a non permanent resident and want to travel to Slovakia or Austria and return, what makes you any more problematic? Have non-Hungarians resident here been just forgotten about or deliberately neglected?
    The writing in this article is so bad.

  5. Why is this news site written in English?? All the news are clear for Hungarians only. Just write it in Hungarian since is useless for foreigners.

  6. This news article is as clear as mud. Can a American or UK national with Hungarian Residency (Not Permanent Residency) leave Hungary to visit another European nation for a Holiday like Croatia or Austria at this point? Please rewrite this article or update it with the actual wording of the current rules. Thanks

  7. Very confusing. So if Croatian citizens can enter Hungary without quarantine, what about Croatian Permanent Residents with other national passports. Is a registration and address card in Hungary good enough to enter without quarantine? Is there a requirement for on-line forms? This all needs to be spelt out.

  8. What does it mean “Border controls were lifted”? If the travel restrictions to non-Hungarian citizens still apply, how do they apply them without border controls? Can EU citizens enter Hungary now? Please clarify.

  9. Do not travel unless its DEADLY necessary. Thats the simplest and only rule

  10. Sorry, but an article written like this only causes confusion. It is not clear.

  11. Currently, Natives can now enter Hungary from the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia and from Friday on, Croatia without the need for compulsory home quarantine for two weeks.
    An EEA citizen who has the right of permanent residence is treated in the same way as a Hungarian citizen and can prove this right with a permanent residence card.
    With the exceptions of citizens from the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, and as of Friday, Croatia (as well as business travelers from Poland, South Korea, and Japan), non-Hungarian citizens are still not allowed to enter Hungary via passenger traffic.
    Although some exceptions have been determined, only the Deputy National Police Chief may grant a special exemption from these rules or establish a specific rule of conduct. The electric form of the application should be submitted to the Hungarian Police

  12. Thank you for clarifying, Janos. I did submit the electronic form to the Hungarian police ten days ago. Unfortunately they never replied… 🙁

  13. Hello, does anybody knows if I would like to just transit Hungary from Romania there is any special rules i.e. I need to request special permission etc. Thanks.

  14. I am U.K. resident. I have owned my house in Hungary since 2007. I was Hungarian Resident from 2008 until 2018. Since then i have lived in Hungary for 30 days in every 60 days, as a non resident i am only allowed 90 days in any180 days to be there. I have never left Hungary for more than 4 weeks at any time since 2007. Since March i have not been allowed back to Hungary. This means I can not pay my household bills, The post box will not be big enough for all the mail. The electricity is still running, The fridge/freezer & cupboards are all full of food, I have now discovered I have a problem with my Hungarian bank account, the bank has told me i have to go to the branch to sought the problem out, until then i can not phone or e-mail them because my pin number has changed. Desperate to drive back to Hungary, will even renew my residency. Without a reason considered good enough to come home, does anybody know a solution to my problem.

  15. John , my understanding is that presently checks are enforced at airports only and that at the land borders cars are being waved through as long as they have a registration for a neighboring country . I have friends who have flown into Graz and hired a car there and who were permitted to enter hungary .

  16. Here is my problem and I have not seen an answer. I am an American Citizen living in Hungary with my Hungarian wife, I have a 5 year residency permit can I travel in the EU or not. All I see is this being addressed to citizens but nothing regarding resident people?

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