Budapest has emerged as a cultural metropolis in the past decades. The moment spring season evolves from its early days, it is time to join the global party. When the majestic lights of the sun hit the Danube, we all know that the vibrant multi-national gatherings are about to begin and we are all ready to venture into unknown. Russians are no different from any other communities living in Hungary; Rock concerts, wine festivals, literally and art exhibitions, great diners – we love that perfect blend of a purist urban feel with a little sense of a cultural heritage.

To the outsiders it may seem that Russians have only couple of long-standing love affairs – vodka, red colour and gold. Believe it or not, it may actually be true, because Godunov Vodka Bar, located in the downtown of the Hungarian capital attracts majority of the young Russians as well as multicultural crowd. Décor of the place ultimately reflects on our guilty pleasures: a lot of red colours, some striking sculptural accessories and matrioshka dolls painted on the ceilings. The interior design brings much excitement and to harmonise it there is a vast selection of vodka and drinks, which main ingredient is vodka. For those of Russians who do not appreciate the taste of vodka, Budapesthas a lot to offer. Wine bars became more and more popular among the Russian community; Hungarian bars provide customers with a great variety of wine, sparkling wine, champagne and cava from all the different regions. Innio, Di Vino, Zona, and Egykettő these are just very few places that have sleek, minimalist design with a modern twist to it. During the daytime wine bars are great if one is looking for tranquil surroundings, however, during the nighttime it turns into the city’s finest meeting spots. Recently it became very popular to visit places that provide customers with fine dinner, greatcocktails and the best lounge music all at the same time. In today’s world no one wants to restrain himself with only one type of cuisine, and Russians are no exceptions. We want to try it all; Japanese cuisine in Tokyo, phenomenal selection of steaks in Prime Restaurant, Greek food in Taverna Dionysos, Italian pasta in Trattoria Pomo D’oro.

Shopping has always been a great passion for Russians. There is no secret that people love to receive an impeccable service and find diversity of styles all at the same time. Luckily, Russians were able to find such a place, Andrassy Avenue. An avenue of tall trees, boutiques and art cafes is the place to go. If you are able to catch the scent of a perfume in the wind, it definitely means you have reached ilBacio di Stile, it has all the luxurious brands presented in one place, definitely a paradise for fashionistas. However, there is no reason to limit yourself, Andrassy avenue is a long wide street full of boutiques of world famous brands, as well as some very talented Hungarian designers. After a day of shopping, there is nothing better than a cup of a good coffee or tea; Alexandra Book café is a place of an exceptional beauty, I would even dare to call it Europe’s most beautiful café. Along the Andrassy Avenue there is a hidden treasure, the Zelnik István Southeast Asian Museum of Gold. The exhibition itself is utterly compelling, however, there is also a teahouse, which looks like it has been hidden in a Japanese garden; the place of an absolutely mesmeric beauty.

There is no possible way to describe and mention all the places worth visiting in Budapest. This city has so much to offer, every cultural spot brings fusion of emotions. However, for Hungarians I would definitely recommend to visit annual Russian Ball held in Budapest for the 6th time now, also do not miss a chance to visit Russian parties thrown in the fabulous Paris Budapest Bar in the Sofitel Hotel by the Chain Bridge.

by Ekaterina Egorova



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