Hungary coronavirus photos

Those who have already been in a Hungarian hospital know that they are not the most modern buildings in the world. Moreover, Hungarian healthcare workers from the doctors to the assistants are not only underpaid but also overworked, so it is not surprising that those who acquire their degree start their career abroad, mostly in Germany or Austria. Taking all these into consideration, it is still shocking what COVID-19 departments look like today and in what kind of environment healthcare workers have to hold on day by day.

Currently, it is common knowledge in Hungary that the healthcare system of the country does not collapse because of the commitment and perseverance of the people working in it. The below-published photos are not from individuals who received care but from the Hungarian Medical Chamber, the trade union of the Hungarian doctors.

The photos show

what a doctor’s lounge and a toilet look like in the COVID-department

of an unknown hospital. 24 tried to ask the medical chamber who took the photos and where, but they answered that they would like to protect their source. At first, they only said that “COVID centre, doctor’s lounge, and toilet. Our colleagues hold on even in such circumstances.”

Hungary coronavirus photos
The toilet.

Later, they amended their post. They said that their colleagues are close to their physical limits but are afraid of their bosses. Therefore, they would not like to have their name or the hospital where they took the photo displayed under the post.

Still, they do what they can at the coronavirus department.

Hungary coronavirus photos
Doctor’s lounge.

The Hungarian Medical Chamber added that their task is not to criticise a department or a hospital but to provide an opportunity for their colleagues to share their problems. It is the chamber’s task to

protect their colleagues who would like to remain anonymous.

They only hope that the photos will reach the maintainer of the institution who will recognise the place where they were taken.

Hungary coronavirus photos
This is where the doctors and the assistants are supposed to have a rest.

Meanwhile, the medical chamber does not want to suggest that the quality of the care is low in the institution. The chamber says that the photos only show that regardless of the circumstances, their colleagues provide quality care for their patients.

Hungary coronavirus photos


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  1. I doubt such disgusting photos will shock the king of Orbananas and his mandarines. As long as they can run luxurious lives, afford expensive private hospitals, sail the Mediterranean on their oligarch friends’ 20 million euro yachts while pretending to be working elsewhere, grab as much as they can of literally every productive sector and resource, waste huge funds in useless stadia and other foolish projects to please their friends “ great electors “ and, at the same time, make up fake stories about migrants, Soros and so forth, give plenty of football, bread, sausage and cheap palinka to rural people, secure support from priests, they will still succeed in getting plenty of backing from lots of uneducated people who will never realize how dirty the system they vote for is, not even when they’ll end up in a ospitale like the one this article refers to.

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