Several online news portals reported last week about the outrageous late luggage incident of the Budapest – Las Palmas flight. It seems that the airline could not overcome difficulties as the problem occurred today as well, as Nlcafe.hu reports.

Last week, Ryanair had to inform passengers at Las Palmas that unfortunately, the plane failed to carry their luggage to the destination: while they were travelling to the Canary Islands, their luggage was left in Hungary. Although the low-cost airline has recently introduced new itineraries from Budapest to Marseille, France and even to Marrakesh, Morocco, this appalling behaviour is not something that passengers can tolerate.

The pilot of today’s flight to the Islands notified travellers before the plane took off that their luggage will not be carried with them and would only arrive afterwards, in a few days’ time. Outraged passengers got off the plane and started to single out the most necessary things from their suitcases, while some left the plane and stayed in Budapest. The situation could have gotten out of control as passengers had only 15 minutes to re-pack in the light of the events and some even tried to restrain the plane from taking off.

According to the pilot, the plane did not leave with all the luggage in its belly because they caused an overweight in the structure. It seems that there are problems with the management of the Budapest – Las Palmas flight, as well as the number and weight of luggage.

As claimed by Ryanair, luggage would be taken to London, from where they would be sent to the Canary Islands the next day by earliest. Ryanair’s new cabin bag policy, firstly implemented in January 2018 has caused similar adversary sentiments towards the company.

Source: Nlcafe.hu

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