Speaking after being elected a member of the FIFA Council, Hungarian Football Federation President Sándor Csányi underlined that he will primarily be working in the FIFA Council on the development of Grassroots and women’s football, these areas often being pushed into the background by the professional game.

Hungarian Football Federation President and Uefa Executive Committee member Sándor Csányi was voted onto the FIFA Council at the 41st Ordinary Uefa Congress in Helsinki, thus becoming the fourth Hungarian member of the Council, and the first since 1994. Mr Csányi shared his vision of the future with mlsz.hu after his election.

“I’ve always placed grassroots at the forefront, including the amateur game, women’s football, and futsal. I trust that we will be able to provide even greater support in these areas, be it professional or financial support” he said. “Investments in these areas in the long term can lay the foundations for the game. Grassroots needs to receive a much bigger role, and I’m certain that the steps being taken at both FIFA and Uefa towards this can also be to the benefit of Hungarian football”.

Csányi also spoke about encouraging local young talent.

“In Hungary we have begun incentivising the giving of playing-time to young Hungarian talent, and thus reducing the number of foreign players. I’ll be looking at new initiatives in this area at European (Uefa) and also FIFA level. First of all though, I have to become familiar with the inner workings of the organisation. Having previously been a member of the World Cup Organising Committee I’m fairly familiar with how FIFA operates, but there are areas I haven’t participated in as yet but will be now”.

Source: en.mlsz.hu

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