São Tomé e Príncipe

Sao Tomé and Principe is a small island country in the Gulf of Guinea, not far from the coast of Africa. The country inherited its interesting name from the Portuguese colonist time. The colonists have brought people from other colonies in order to populate the islands. The two hundred thousand people on the islands are their descendants. Sao Tomé and Principe achieved independence in 1975. The country’s ambassador, Maria d’Assunção de Barros Amaral Aguiar, was one of the honorary guest of the Africa Expo.

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Why did you come to Budapest?

I am here in Budapest because the embassy of Sao Tomé and Principe in Brussels represents my country in Hungary as well. This event provides an excellent opportunity to build and strengthen connections in the region. I was also interested in Hungary. This is the first time I visit Budapest, and I am very much impressed by the beauty of the city, since the architecture is very extraordinary here.

Africa Expo Hungary
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How do you see the opportunities in the relationship between the two countries?

There’s been a very agile, excellent honorary consul in Budapest for a while now.

The consul is well aware of Sao Tomé and Principe and has done a lot to improve the relationship between the two countries. For us, I think Hungary can be a base which can function as a gate from where we would be able to reach other countries in the region.

What is the most important for your country? Where do you see opportunities to proceed?

The economy of Sao Tomé is built on three pillars: agriculture, fishing and tourism.

Africa Expo Hungary
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There are immense opportunities in this sector. Sao Tomé and Principe has wonderful beaches where the sand is warm and white, the sea is crystal clear. What is more important, crime is at very low level, or even virtually unknown in our country.

Nature is beautiful with rich vegetation; therefore it is a beautiful place. After the Portuguese conquered the islands they simply named it Chocolate Islands. Here, they managed to produce cocoa beans and therefore excellent chocolate. The surrounding countries have already invested heavily in tourism. Now, it is our turn.

By Tamás SZŰCS

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