Szijártó press conference
Budapest, 2018. szeptember 12. Szijjártó Péter külgazdasági és külügyminiszter sajtótájékoztatót tart a Sargentini-jelentés kapcsán a Miniszterelnöki Kabinetiroda Garibaldi utcai sajtótermében 2018. szeptember 12-én. Ezen a napon megszavazta a magyar jogállamisági helyzetrõl szóló különjelentést az Európai Parlament (EP), a plenáris ülésen 448 igen szavazattal, 197 ellenében, 48 tartózkodás mellett fogadták el a képviselõk a dokumentumot. MTI Fotó: Illyés Tibor

The European Parliament’s approval of the Sargentini report is a “petty act of revenge by pro-migration politicians”, the Hungarian foreign minister told a press conference in Budapest on Wednesday, following the EP vote.

“Hungary and the Hungarian people have been convicted because we have proven that migration is not needed and it can be stopped,” Szijjártó said.

Szijjártó went on to say that the result of the vote was “fraudulent” and insisted that under European agreements abstentions should have been counted as votes against adopting the report. He added that the Hungarian government would study legal remedy options.

Szijjártó said the EP decision provided “more clear evidence that pro-migration politicians have a massive majority” in the EP.

“We already knew this, but today it was proven that pro-migration politicians are in a majority in the European People’s Party, too,” he added.

The minister said the vote had “removed all doubt” that the EPP, social democrat and liberal MEPs who had voted to condemn Hungary were preparing to form a “pro-migration” coalition after next May’s European parliamentary election with a view to allowing the bloc to pursue a “pro-migration policy” after the election so that the continent could be “flooded by migrants”.

He said MEPs knew Hungary would never accept or enact “pro-migration” policies, arguing that this had also contributed to their decision to vote against Hungary.

Szijjártó said the report itself was a “collection of certified lies” and a “pro-migration indictment of Hungary”.

Though the Hungarian government had sent a 108-page rebuttal to the report to all MEPs, yesterday’s debate demonstrated that “facts didn’t matter”, he added.

The minister said 13 of the 69 critical remarks in the report have already been settled. “But the report reopens these cases and practically says that it is pointless to reach agreements with EU institutions, because another institution can reopen a given case at any given time,” Szijjártó argued.

A further 19 remarks concern issues that are under discussion or in connection with which there are ongoing infringement procedures, he said. And there are 37 “untrue, deceptive, unfair and unfounded” accusations in it as well which are an insult to Hungary and “have no base in reality”, he said.

Among these, he listed accusations of anti-Semitism and the erosion of press freedoms and academic freedom.

Szijjártó slammed the debate and the vote as a “show trial”, arguing that Green MEP Judith Sargentini, the author of the report, had compiled it without ever arranging a delegation visit to Hungary. He also insisted that Sargentini had only taken into consideration the opinions of NGOs critical of the Hungarian government.

Szijjártó said Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party would fight for an EP and EPP in which politicians opposing immigration hold the majority.

In response to a question, the minister said Fidesz, based on domestic support, was the most successful member of the EP’s strongest political family.

But it has become clear that the EPP is “seriously divided” on the issue of migration, he added.

“We’re fighting to make our position the majority,” he said, adding that Fidesz wanted to steer the EPP back onto the Christian democratic path he said would preserve Europe’s identity.

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  1. Prime Minister Orbán Viktor says that the future of Europe is no longer in Western Europe. It was another pleasant day on 11.09.2018 in the European Parliament. Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán Viktor received a series of accusations from Judith Szargentini (GL and cleaning lady) but Orbán is a tough person and fluid back! Szargentini is ‘Hungary-reporter’ and denounced a number of things which she believes is so bad that Hungary deserves ‘the nuclear option’, or an article 7 procedure. This procedure would allow Hungary to suspend the voting right with the EU. Orbán’s government would obstruct and replace ‘independent media, judges and academics’ for friends. Sophie in ‘t Veld (D666) also thinks that she ads something to accuse Orbán of violating EU rules. Udo Bullmann, the leader of the Social Democrats, calls the Orbán-government ‘the most corrupt system in the EU’, but Udo forgets to mention that most members of the EU are corrupted. Orbán reacted fiercely and said he stood for the protection of his country and Europe. He recalls, among other things, that he refuses illegal migrants and tries to guarantee the Christian culture of Hungary and thus prevents many victims by these migrants (killers). ‘You think you know it better than the Hungarian people’, he asked the MEPS. For In ‘t Veld, who is in favor of migration legislation at European level so that member states ‘finally do’ what their people do not want at all and that is a striking description. Szargentini, who has not achieved anything in ten years, is not doing so well either. In ‘t Veld said that Orbán was only welcomed by his own fans, well, what a decline for this brainless female of a party in the Netherlands that will be wipes out in the last polls.
    Sophie in ‘t Veld
    ✔ @ SophieintVeld
    Ultra-nationalist rhetoric or #Orban draws applause only from the ranks of ‘extremists’ in @Europarl_EN. Not even his own @EPP applauds.
    Shame on you in ‘t Veld! Do not play the role of the Orbán in great majority. Think at your party leader Abu Pechvogel, who has been forced to hurt his girlfriend if she did not agree to get rid of her baby. But In ‘t Veld, let’s wait till may 2019 and the great cleaning might start. If not, then the EU is lost and will disappear. Soon we will hear more about whether Hungary still has voting rights or not and what Orbán will do with the results. These are exciting times in the EU again! Have you seen the many empty seats there in Strasbourg? Does not this mean that MEPs do not find Szargentini’s ‘reporting’ interesting enough to hear this? Addition to this: What about the thousands of killings all over Europe by the immigrants? Don’t they get no respect from the ‘representatives’ and is the law of Soros more important than the happiness of the European people in what memberstate they live? Is the EU going to be crazy with people like Dutch representatives like Szargentini (Leftist-Green), Timmermans (Socialist from PvdA) and/or In ‘t Veld (Democrats from D666)? Does our meaning is useless? Why no referendum to hear other voices about this important matter?

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