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Motril, 2018. szeptember 4. Fekete-afrikai migránsok érkeznek a délkelet-spanyolországi Motril kikötõjébe 2018. szeptember 3-án. A spanyol parti õrség hajói öt csónakban Európába igyekvõ összesen 240 illegális bevándorlót vettek fedélzetükre. (MTI/EPA/Pedro Feixas) *** Local Caption *** 53000073

Hungarian government spokesman Zoltán Kovács told journalists in Brussels on Monday that partisan and ideologically motivated forces could end up splitting the European Parliament by hijacking criticism of Hungary and Poland to achieve their own political goals.

“If the EP falls into this trap, this will be bad for the whole of Europe,” the spokesman said.

Recent statements by French President Emmanuel Macron, as well as the Sargentini report, are the means for them to achieve their goals, he said.

“Hungary … is fighting for its political standpoint and for what it knows is right … because it has nothing to be ashamed of and in most past cases it has been proven right,” he said.

Kovács said Hungary had become a central focus in Europe because it talked about matters “that are meaningful … important and serious”. These are essential to the future of Europe and to the European project, he said.

Hungary has presented a clear position in this respect in the past few years, Kovács said. Hungary’s views on migration, economic problems, the functioning of EU institutions and the state of European democracy are clear, he said, adding that “the democratic deficit that emerged in recent years” in European institutions was unsustainable.

“If European institutions do not pay attention to voters and the real problems they face, they will have very serious problems in the long run,” the spokesman said.

Kovács said double standards had been applied in several areas against Hungary in the past. He said it was now time to return to the equal treatment of EU member states, politically too. Western European countries must take Hungarian interests and aims into consideration, including its efforts in respect of migration, as equally important and decisive, he said.

“The debate on Hungary should be based on the common sense, not on ideological grounds,” he added.

Asked about the Hungarian ruling party’s membership of the European People’s Party (EPP), Kovács said Hungary’s ruling party alliance forms part of the EPP and would help it to become the strongest party in the European Parliament in the EP elections next spring.

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Source: MTI

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