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According to, the newest hotel of Lake Balaton will open in a few weeks at Balatonfüred. But the old-new Füred hotel is only an element of the great developments that are starting now. A part of the billionaire real estate project is connected to the World Aquatics Championships held next year. On the other hand, a prominent breakdown overshadows the optimism of the locals.

The opening of Hotel Füred is very close in time. The building that had been standing empty for years was brought back to life by János Czigle, a local entrepreneur, with an almost 1,5 billion state support. The specialty of the four star hotel of 220 rooms is that there is a conference centre in one of the wings, which can fit 800 people, and that makes the hotel and Balatonfüred capable of holding bigger events, conferences.

The entrepreneur also constructed two apartment houses near the hotel and they have been partially handed over to the owners. These apartments were sold two years ago at great prices. writes that a square metre cost far more than one million forints before the boost of the real estate market. The buyers weren’t too happy about the prices, but now they are probably much more satisfied that real estate prices also went up in Balatonfüred.

Scandal in Silver-way

The owners of another apartment house in Balatonfüred are not that satisfied, as the investor company of their building, found in the centre of the city, near the lake and Silver Hotel, became bankrupt last year.

The reason behind this is that the Silver de Lux Apartment Kft. didn’t pay for the work of the building contractor FÉSZ Zrt. so they started an executive order against the company that is in the interest of Tibor Barna and László Lácz. What makes the situation absurd is that, while Silver sold the apartments the ownerships hadn’t been transitioned, thus the whole building will be liquidated. The owners of the apartments lost their money, since they don’t dispose the apartments – they’ll only have a chance to rebuy them after the liquidation. The investor company claims that they rightfully held back more than 200 million forints since the finishing deadline was delayed with months. The argument is now at court.

Great developments on the way

The development of the city gets a new boost in the next weeks. This can be laid by the acceptance of the development programme concerning Lake Balaton and the World Aquatics Championships. Even though only two investments will be carried out until the start of the 2017 Championships, a whole row of developments are on their way. The city’s swimming pool will be finished in April. That will be the practicing, training area for the competitors. The 33 metre long pool will provide a great sporting opportunity for locals, but the grandstand, that can fit 300 people, will make it capable of holding smaller events as well.

According to Mayor István Bóka, the city’s visitor circulation grew by 10% last year. The lack of parking space is not only a problem in the summer but also in the off-peak period. The city tries to expand superficial parking spaces and also tries to construct an underground garage from own sources.

The city is the owner of one of the most beautiful huge campings at the lake where they’re also starting off notable developments. They are planning to develop the 22 hectare camping, which they bought for 2,4 billion forints from the SCD liquidation, into a four star category institution.

The developments will be complete with the new sailing dock and the residential lakeshore in the northern end of the camping. The investors rented a two hectare land for 800 million forints, for 50 years from the city. They plan on building a luxury residential community of 70-80 units there. The plans are ready; the contract has been signed so the construction can start shortly.


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