Budapest, September 20 (MTI) – A day before last week’s European Union Bratislava informal summit, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway initiated a procedure against Hungary, government office chief János Lázár said in an interview to Tuesday’s Magyar Nemzet. This was “because we don’t want to accept migrants from them,” he said.

At an October meeting of EU heads of government, rules governing migration will be on the agenda, Lázár said.

“For the time being, there is talk and nice words while they divide and multiply the migrants,” he said, adding that Sweden, Germany and Austria had already indicated that they want to return migrants to Hungary.

Lázár noted that part of the Bratislava summit was a discussion about in which direction the countries should move in terms of migration. It was declared that protection of the external border must be beefed up but that did not equal a guarantee for the admission of fewer migrants. Lázár added that “the direction” was at the heart of the matter and Hungary was in agreement with Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland on this.


Meanwhile, on the subject of residency bonds, Lázár said that no national security risks were associated with them and there was no danger of criminals or criminal suspects buying the bonds. He added that the purpose of the bonds was to attract economic investments to Hungary.

Source: MTI

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