abstract artist Sean Scully exhibition in Budapest
Budapest, Budapest. Photo: MTI

An exhibition presenting 110 pieces from every major period of renowned contemporary abstract artist Sean Scully will open in the Hungarian National Gallery on Wednesday.

The exhibition entitled Passenger – A Retrospective is a milestone in the museum’s history as it presents an overview of Scully’s life work under one roof for the first time in central Europe, László Baán, the museum’s director, told reporters.

Speaking at the scene,

Scully said that his wife has Hungarian roots which is why the Budapest exhibition for him is of great importance.

He said he was born to a very poor family in Ireland and this has essentially defined his approach as a humanist to art and abstraction.

abstract artist Sean Scully exhibition in Budapest
Budapest, Hungary. Abstract artist Sean Scully exhibition in Budapest. Photo: MTI

“My project has been to rescue geometric abstraction from minimalists,” Scully said.

One of the most outstanding pieces at the exhibition is a new painting entitled Black Square, Dávid Fehér, the Hungarian curator, said. It is coming fresh from Scully’s studio to be on public display for the first time, he added.

Beside the paintings, the exhibition also features Scully’s works on paper, a sculpture and photographic work, as well as the artist’s own writings, notes and sketches, which are presented on the walls and in glass cases.

The exhibition will run until May 2021.

abstract artist Sean Scully exhibition in Budapest
Abstract artist Sean Scully in Budapest. Photo: MTI
abstract artist Sean Scully exhibition in Budapest
Photo: MTI
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Source: MTI

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