We celebrate the Day of Hungarian Poetry on 11 April. In honour of this very special day, many people decided to recite their favourite poems in videos. Check out how many different people unite as one to celebrate Hungarian literature and culture. The list contains a variety of people from political ambassadors to prisoners.

Every year, on 11 April, we celebrate the Day of Hungarian Poetry (as opposed to National Poetry Day, which is held on 21 March). On this special day, we honour Hungarian poetry, and we celebrate the spectacular achievements of the excellent literary figures of our country.

Many people get inspired on this particular day to recite their favourite Hungarian poems. The British Ambassador to Hungary, Ian Lindsay, for example, is known for reciting poems in a video on this particular day. In 2017, he recited a poem by Gyula Juhász, and in 2016, he recited a poem by Attila József.

This year, the ambassador recited a poem by one of his favourite female Hungarian poets, Ágnes Nemes Nagy. The poem is titled “Iskola” [school]. Moreover, he recited the poem inside the garden of the secondary school the poet herself attended in the past.

The Day of Hungarian Poetry is celebrated even in places where you might not expect it. The video below shows that even prisoners inside the different prisons of Hungary commemorated this special day. They recited a poem by famous Hungarian poet Attila József.

The Hungarian police take part in the celebration too, which they shared on Twitter.

People in the streets of Budapest have a few tricks up their sleeves too! Watch them recite famous poems perfectly (and occasionally with so much talent!) when randomly stopped by a camera crew downtown.

Source: YouTube

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