Budapest, November 16 (MTI) – Security for the Hungarian people continues to be a top priority for the government, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told public news channel M1 on Monday.

The government “has followed this path” and needs no new directions, Orban said in an interview. He added that cooperation between the government, policy makers and professional (security) organisations “has been okay”.

Orban insisted that Hungary has done all to protect not only its own citizens but those of Europe too, and has also sent police and border patrols abroad to help protect the community’s external borders.

Concerning the influx of immigrants, Orban said that hundreds of thousands of people had arrived “whom we know very little about and some of whom have obviously used the opportunity of massive migration to enter Europe as terrorists”. The danger is “constant and direct”, he said, and added that Hungary will not “take over the risk of terrorism” from other countries by allowing migrants in with no control.

Hungary’s security agencies sent an early warning that “masses are flowing in from countries with which or on whose territories the European Union is at war,” and noted serious security implications, Orban said. He added that Hungary’s building a fence along its southern borders had also involved security considerations.

Orban warned that Europe is “on the wrong path”, and argued that the “dominant position” in Brussels and in leading countries of the EU is that “immigration is generally good and what Europe is now doing is correct and useful”. Whereas it is “obvious”, for Hungary, for example, that “it is not like that”, he added.

“Many are bent trying to convince people that there is no link between immigration and terrorism,” which is “extremely distressing to see”, Orban said, and insisted that Europe’s leaders must change that direction.

Wherever there are many immigrants, “criminal activities will be up, public security down, and life will be more and more difficult”, he said, blaming Europe’s elite for their reluctance to discuss the tendency.

“The whole of Europe’s policy must be reconsidered,” Orban said, and insisted that the community’s borders, its culture, and economic interests need to be protected. The EU should make Greece protect its borders as it “had agreed to when it signed the Schengen agreement”. If Greece cannot do that, a “line of secondary defence” should be defined to check entrants, Orban said.

The Dublin Regulations are “dead”, Orban said, but voiced commitment for the Schengen Agreement. He said it should be retained because it ensures the free movement of labour in Europe. “But only those should be part of that agreement who enforce its terms,” he added.

The prime minister insisted that “nobody has authorised Europe’s leaders to allow hundreds of thousands in without any control”. “It is just a matter of time and residents will make Europe’s elected leaders act as they want them to,” he said.

  1. Once again, Viktor Orban has proven himself to be the ONLY leader in the E.U. who is prepared to call the so-called ‘migration crisis’ by its real name – an INVASION which is accompanied by an EXTREMELY HIGH risk of terrorism.

    He is 100% CORRECT when he states that “nobody has authorised Europe’s leaders” (or the Pink Poodles in Brussels) to “allow hundreds of thousands [of Muslim refugees] in without any control”.

    It is all very well for people around the world to hold ‘candlelight vigils’ and cities to light up monuments in the French national colours as a way of showing solidarity with the recent victims of terrorism in Paris, but that will NOT bring them back from the grave.

    Nor – for that matter – will such shows of ‘solidarity’ help the victims of the recent Russian plane explosion over the Sinai, the bomb explosion in Beirut or the many other individuals who have been killed or maimed by totally-mad jihadists who are trying to prove that THEIR version of Islam is better than other religions.

    UNTIL such a time as EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of such terrorist organisations (be it ISIS or the TALIBAN or whatvever) has been CAUGHT AND KILLED – and let’s NOT be ‘soft’ on these crazed ‘towel-heads’ who have shown NO MERCY to their captives, regardless of age, sex or religious background – there is NO PLACE WHATSOEVER for ANY of the recent so-called ‘migrants’ in Hungary.

    I for one do NOT want our Government to bend to the whims of mental-retards in other European nations who INSIST that Hungary (and other nations in Europe who do NOT want to take in these ‘migrants’) ‘take its fair share’.

    PLEASE, Viktor, (politely, if you so wish) tell the E.U. President (and Merkel & OTHER ‘do-gooders’) to “get stuffed” !!

    The people of Hungary do NOT want to have ANY of these so-called ‘migrants’ and it’s about time – as Viktor Orban has so succintly stated – that the citizens of OTHER European nations are ALSO able to determine their future !!

    Donald Trump recently said at a Republican Party rally that what Angela Merkel has done to Europe is a “disgrace” and she will be remembered for that [her ‘elmebaj’ in inviting ‘migrants’ to Germany & – by default – the rest of Europe], NOTHING ELSE.

    Let all of us Hungarians ENSURE that our leaders do NOT make the same mistake !!

  2. A recent quotation by a very high leading EU authority said in the media, “A Terrorist organisation as such can only be funded by a government”. Keep that in the back of your mind when wondering who or what could fund these very rich migrants i do say. A Croatian bank was reported to have stated that some of the migrants coming through had 100EURs in transaction fees alone!!!! Where or from who did they get all this money to travel????

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