Budapest, September 20 (MTI) – Serbia has provided Hungary with guarantees concerning controls on the border, the prime minister’s domestic security advisor said on Sunday.

In an interview to public television’s news channel M1, Gyorgy Bakondi said that the Hungarian interior minister had negotiated with Serbian officials, which led to a decision to open the Roszke border serving the motorway at 11am today.

Appropriate levels of policing are being maintained at all the border stations in case there is a need to react quickly and effectively to any security challenge, he said.

Since midnight police have rounded up 107 people around the Serbian border who crossed illegally while 3,400 were picked up around the Croatia-Hungary border, he said, adding that all Hungarian border stations on the Croatian border were under pressure, noting as an example the one at Beremend, to which Croatian police had transported illegal migrants in ten busses.

The Hungarian authorities have information about 1,000 migrants at Beremend and another 2,900 at other border stations.

Asked about the uncoordinated transport of migrants to non-official border crossing points, Bakondi said the Hungarian authorities were making strenuous efforts to cooperate with their military counterparts at the most frequented crossing points to ensure the secure closure of the Croatia-Hungary border. Work is ongoing to close off a 41km section of this border, he added.

Photo: MTI


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