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Subotica, Serbia (MTI) – The Serbian-Hungarian inter-governmental mixed committee for minority affairs held a meeting for the first time after five years in Subotica (Szabadka), in northern Serbia, on Monday.

“Serbian-Hungarian relations are at a historic peak” right now, the committee’s Hungarian co-chair said at the meeting.

“We now want to build a new Europe” and the two countries must act together not only in that endeavour but also in responding to global challenges, said Ferenc Kalmar, who is government commissioner in charge of neighbourhood policy.

Nenad Ivanisevic, the committee’s Serbian co-chair, regretted that the body met again only after five years, but noted that the governments of both countries have implemented measures aimed at improving the situation of each other’s minorities during that period.

Aleksandar Vulin, the minister for social policy, said the two peoples’ ties can serve as an example to other nations.


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