Budapest (MTI) – A Serbian driver with 14 undocumented migrants in his car crashed on motorway M5 near Lajosmizse, central Hungary, on Sunday, after a long car chase being pursued by police, a local police spokesman said.

The man is now being questioned in connection with human smuggling charges, Zoltan Hurkecz told MTI on Sunday.

The young man driving a car with German plates did not stop when police tried to check his ID near Zakanyszek, south Hungary, and drove fast onto the motorway, some 20 kilometres away. A car chase followed along some 100 kilometres on the M5 before the car lost one of its front wheels and crashed into three cars and two trucks. Nobody was injured in the pileup, Hurkecz said.

The driver was then apprehended, along with the 14 Syrian nationals travelling with him, mainly men, but some women and children as well, he said.

Photo: MTI


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