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83 percent of SHARE NOW carsharing users would be happy to use the business solution of the firm as a company car or as part of their benefit package, furthermore many of those who already have a company car use the service regularly – according to the customer survey which was made by the company in June. In response to the clear need, SHARE NOW launched their service for medium and large companies in Hungary as well. With the new business packages, companies can save expenses, while the usage of the community cars by the employees can be managed transparently and individual company discounts are also available for the partners. 

In case if the users decide to use carsharing instead of using their own vehicle, they not only contribute to the reduction of traffic load in the city but they also help to increase the number of parking spaces. However, carsharing is not only an alternative to private trips, using the business solution of SHARE NOW can also save significant costs for business users.

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The survey made in June with SHARE NOW’s customers found that 83 percent of the current users would appreciate to use the service as a company car or part of their benefits package, furthermore one-third of the users already use SHARE NOW for commuting. The survey also revealed that SHARE NOW is often used by corporate clients and their employees, even if they have company cars. They typically use this option if their own or company car is unavailable for some reason, for instance, the car is being repaired or they do not want to drive to the city with it. Many customers use carsharing while traveling abroad when they are in need of an urban mobility solution, as SHARE NOW is available in 16 cities across Europe only with one single registration. 

Based on the feedback of SHARE NOW customers and the comprehensive market research, the firm launched SHARE NOW for Business in Hungary.

SHARE NOW for Business contains the Business Account solution, which was developed for medium and large corporates. A business account can be created for each partner company, where the carsharing usage of the employees can be managed and monitored transparently on an admin interface. 

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The business account provides up-to-date information about the exact details of the trips (times, start and endpoints, cost of the trip), while the fees of the trips are later added to a summary invoice which can be settled monthly by the companies. In this new solution, company-specific discounts can also be applied. 

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In contrast to the price and expenses of own-, company- or leased cars, the SHARE NOW usage fee also includes the cost of parking in the zone, cleaning, refueling, repairing, the insurance fee and the national highway vignette. Furthermore, it also can be offered as an employee benefit. 

According to SHARE NOW’s analysis – if we do not focus on the rush hours – using SHARE NOW’s fleet on shorter trips offers a solution that can be even 50 percent more cost-efficient than the taxi usage, because SHARE NOW prices are calculated on a minute base while the taxi fares include a kilometer fee. This difference is also true for longer trips in an average traffic situation, as an example getting out of downtown to the Liszt Ferenc Airport is approximately 50 percent cheaper with SHARE NOW.

Another advantage is that the use of carsharing can provide privacy for private business calls compared to taxis and it is perhaps one of the safest individual transportation modes, even in a pandemic situation. 

“As we see, using shared cars as a company car can already provide a rational alternative to replacing some of the taxi and company vehicle trips” – said Bence Buday, co-managing director of SHARE NOW Hungary. “Our current business clients, including IT companies, media and communication specialists, law firms, consultants and members of the film industry are already enjoying the benefits of carsharing in the most diverse areas of their professional lives. We also heard about a case when there were not enough company vehicles available for a countryside corporate event, but they were able to solve their colleague’s mobility needs with the 1-day SHARE NOW package.”- said Bence Buday.

Meanwhile the business profile solution that is developed for entrepreneurs and small businesses is also available in the SHARE NOW application. Customers can create their business profile in the payment profiles section of the SHARE NOW app with a few clicks. After entering the company data, the user can choose which profile (private or business) they would like to use before each trip. After the trip, the cost will be withdrawn from the selected bank card and the SHARE NOW invoice will be issued based on the provided company data. 

Source: SHARE NOW Press Release

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