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Turizmus.com reports that trivago, one of the most popular hotel search websites these days, has set up its annual list about the European and Hungarian cities that got the highest scores in the category of hotels. The results were made based on the evaluation of the hotels by more than 175 million customers.

Every year, trivago sets up its list about the best hotels in Europe, which shows how many points customers give to a hotel on a 0-to-10 rating scale. Based on the list, Hungary got the 13th rank among the European cities.

In spite of this, the visitors emphasized the great attitude and dedication of the Hungarian hotel owners towards the customers, and their professionalism as well. This is outstanding, as far as Europe is considered.

The 8.25 points reached by Hungary shows, however, a little setback compared to the result of last year with the 8.32 points, when Hungary was the 5th on the list with this score.

Source: Makói Hagymatikum Fürdő facebook

As far as the ranking of the Hungarian cities is concerned, it was undoubtedly a surprise that Makó became the 1st, while Budapest only got the 9th place on the list. Based on the feedbacks given by the visitors, it is in Makó where one can enjoy the best services of wellness hotels in the country. Furthermore, Makó stands out of the list with its 8.67 points, that is unbelievably high, and makes it also noteworthy among the European cities with its 13th rank.

Outdoor section of Hagymatikum
Source: Makói Hagymatikum Fürdő facebook
Hagymatikum from the inside /facebook/Makói Hagymatikum Fürdő/

Let’s check out the list:

  1. Makó 8.67
  2. Villány 8.66
  3. Mórahalom 8.43
  4. Egerszalók 8.38
  5. Gyula 8.37
  6. Szentendre 8.37
  7. Hévíz 8.35
  8. Kecskemét 8.33
  9. Budapest 8.32
  10. Szeged 8.31

The region of the Southern Great Plain also achieved notable results, as 5 out of the 10 cities are from here. Furthermore, mostly bath cities were chosen among the top 10, but besides them, Villány, Szentendre, Kecskemét and Szeged are also among the most popular destinations. As sokszínűvidék.24.hu reports, what might be shocking is that Budapest is only at the 9th place, while actually giving home to some incredible hotels.

The Four Season Hotel, Budapest /facebook.com/FourSeasonsHotelBudapest/
Aria Hotel Budapest /www.facebook.com/AriaHotelBudapest/
Gellért Hotel, Budapest /Daily News Hungary/

As far as the top European countries are concerned, Bosnia-Herzegovina is the leader with 8.51 points, and it is followed by Serbia with 8.44 and Austria with 8.37 points.

Here is the complete list of the top 20 European countries:

  1. Bosnia-Herzegovina 8.51
  2. Serbia 8.44
  3. Austria 8.37
  4. Albania 8.35
  5. Montenegro 8.34
  6. Macedonia 8.33
  7. Litvania 8.32
  8. Slovenia 8.31
  9. Poland 8.30
  10. Croatia 8.29
  11. Slovakia 8.27
  12. Georgia 8.26
  13. Hungary 8.25
  14. Romania 8.24
  15. Latvia 8.23
  16. Portugal 8.21
  17. Greece 8.20
  18. Czech Republic 8.19
  19. Russia 8.18
  20. Ukraine 8.17

The differences between the countries are only slightly palpable. Therefore, all the countries and cities being among the top destinations deserve our congratulations!   🙂

Featured image: https://www.facebook.com/hagymatikum

Source: turizmus.com; sokszinuvidek.24.hu

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