Hungarians are extremely distrustful of domestic elections. According to an international survey, 42% of Hungarians that participated in the poll said that they do not trust elections and the nature of their outcome, hvg writes.

The data comes from an international poll that Gallup conducted. Gallup asked the residents of 32 countries about whether they trust or question the purity of their domestic elections. The poll was made after disputes over the reliability of the presidential election in the US.

Hungary was among the top countries that trust their elections the least. Only six other countries bested Hungary, among them the US, Mexico, and Chile, for example.

The data shows that 42% of those surveyed said they did not trust the fairness of the election in Hungary. There are more people who still trust it, though only slightly more. 45% said they were positive about the purity of Hungary’s election. In the case of many other countries in the region, this number is higher. It is 54% in Slovakia, 66% in Slovenia, and 71% in Poland. The top two places are taken by Norway and Finland, where nearly 90% said their elections are trustworthy.

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