In 2016, 1.5 million people died in the European Union. 2/3rd of them could have been saved – a list compiled by the OECD and the Eurostat says.

According to, a better healthcare system and preventive interventions could have saved the life of 1 million people in the EU in 2016. The most common causes of death among those below 75 in the European Union are, currently, heart problems, colon and breast cancers, diseases of the cardiovascular system and pneumonia. Sadly, 65 pc of the deaths were the result of these five curable diseases.

In 19 member states out of the 27 heart problems caused the most deaths among those who did not reach their 75th birthday. In the remaining seven member states (Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal), most people died because of colon cancer. In Bulgaria, cardiovascular problems were behind the most deaths.

Among the treatable diseases, heart, cardiovascular and alcohol problems, chronic pulmonary disorders and overdose/poisoning were the leading ones. Lung cancer had the highest death rate of these in the EU in 2017. In 20 out of the 27 member states, that is the leading cause.

Sadly, Hungary is in the worst position among the EU27 taking into consideration the number of deaths caused by treatable diseases per 100 thousand people.


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