abuse against women
Newest research shows a huge number of domestic violence against women in Hungary

NANE Association’s research reveals shocking data about the number of women suffering from regular psychological, physical, or sexual abuse at home – more than 223,000. 

According to femcafe.hu, this is a huge number, and it is also extremely depressing that there are only 2-3,000 temporary, preventive distancing processes in progress – the proportion is disappointing. The excessively low number of these cases was even lower in the past five years. In 2014, it was 1,792, and last year, only 1050 – this 60% relapse shows that only a small number of these cases reach the police. 

“Ten years ago, on 1st October, bill LXXII of 2009 was introduced, which made the distancing of relatives applicable. On its birthday, it is a disappointing conclusion to draw that the law and the practice of distancing are not suitable for providing professional protection for victims. Changing this is a public issue,” 

says NANE in its announcement of 1st October on Facebook.

According to the association, it is not enough to rely on the insufficient institution of distancing only. Overall, professional steps have to be made from the state to change this situation. Legal changes are also indispensable, focusing on the radically decreasing reported cases because this way, distancing will be worn out from the legal practice system of Hungary – leaving behind the victims of domestic violence without protection. You can further read about violence against women here and here.

Source: femcafe.hu

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