A Hungarian mother posted a 12-minute-long video of herself driving and people are shocked, swd.media reports. The woman was driving without due care and attention while her young child was in the back seat of the car. Road safety campaigners called this incident a “nauseating disregard for safety.”

Originally, the woman posted the video of herself driving on her Facebook page, and only her friends were able to watch it. However, one viewer was so outraged by the woman’s careless and irresponsible driving that this viewer saved the 12-minute-long video and sent it to a road safety campaign website.


From what is visible in the footage, the incident most probably happened in Edinburgh, Scotland. The woman in the video is a Hungarian who lives in Edinburgh. She speaks Hungarian throughout the whole footage.

Experts say that within the 12 minutes, she would have earned 60 penalty points adding up to a fee of £3500 (1.2 million HUF).

Let’s run through the many motoring offences the woman committed throughout the video:

  • She does not wear a seatbelt at any point, neither does her young child whom she allows to clamber in the back without a seatbelt. The young child in the back seat of the car is completely unrestrained which is both disturbing and extremely dangerous.
  • The woman looks away from the road multiple times to check her hair and makeup on the screen of her mobile. Not only does she look at the mobile (instead of the road), she picks up the mobile phone on numerous occasions (at least seven times within 12 minutes). A spokesman for SWD Media said:

“Live streaming and playing with your phone whilst driving creates a serious distraction that could have caused a serious accident here and injuries to driver and passengers that weren’t belted up.”

  • At one point, the woman takes her hands off the steering wheel to remove the lid from a cup and she passes the drink to the child in the back seat.

These multiple motoring offenses are enough to get the woman banned from driving almost five times over, and would add up to a £3500 (1.2 million HUF) fine.

Featured image: YT/New World

Source: https://swd.media/

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  1. although she does use a primitive dialect of the Hungarian language, she would rather identify as an Eastern-European gipsy, no more…

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