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According to Nielsen market research survey, the number of food stores decreased by 5% in Hungary in last year, hir24.hu said.

The company presented the results of the research to MTI on Tuesday. According to it, 17 thousand 729 general food stores were operating in Hungary at the beginning of this year, while this number was 18 thousand 679 a year earlier.

Nearly 90% of the stores are less than 200 sqm, more than a half – 9728 pieces – of all shops are 50 sqm or smaller, and nearly 7000 stores’ sales area are between 51 and 200 sqm.

The most food stores ceased in Budapest, Pest County and in the western parts of the country from 2014 January to 2015 January. The number of shops didn’t change in Northeastern Hungary – the research revealed.

The network of shops is quite fragmented in Hungary: there are 19 stores per 10 thousand people, while there are seven in Austria and five in Germany – Nielsen said.

based on the article of hir24.hu
translated by BA

Source: http://fn.hir24.hu

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