The highest mountain of Hungary, the 1014-metre Kékestető as well as Galyatető are covered in snow, reports.  

On Monday afternoon at 5pm, a snowfall began in the mountains. By the next day, the mountaintops were covered in a continuous layer of snow.

According to, the week will bring a cold front, precipitation, and cold wind. In the mountains, further snowfalls and sleet are possible. Strong gusts of wind can be expected, some exceeding 80 km/h. Daily temperatures will drop, cold dawns will be followed by 1-7 degree Celsius temperatures during the day. These patterns continue until Thursday.

Temperature record broken in Budapest

The weather on Friday will be dryer, more sunny, but strong winds are still to be expected. Temperatures will rise somewhat, but they will remain relatively chilly.

Photos: MTI

Ce: bm


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