Budapest, January 6 (MTI) – An agreement between the main opposition Socialists and the E-PM electoral alliance needs to be rewritten since E-PM plans to run at the spring general election as a political party and not as an alliance, Socialist leader Attila Mesterhazy said today.

Mesterhazy told public Kossuth Radio that the aim is always have a single left-wing candidate against the contender of the ruling Fidesz party in every constituency.

He added that it is time to assess the current situation also because the president is expected to soon announce the official date of the election and the Democratic Coalition, led by ex-premier Ferenc Gyurcsany, now has about the same voter support as E-PM.

Mesterhazy said he had proposed to E-PM leader Gordon Bajnai to meet in the second half of the week for consultations about a redraft of their agreement.

The opposition Democratic Alliance welcomes an initiative by E-PM and its leader Gordon Bajnai to start consultations on expanding an opposition alliance agreement and is ready for the talks at any time, DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsany said today.

Hungary’s left-wing is only concerned about acquiring power and the fractioned parties will continue fighting with each other unless they manage to join forces for the election, ruling Fidesz spokesman Robert Zsigo.



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