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Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi met leading members of the Trump administration and members of the US Congress in Washington, DC, his Brussels office said in a statement on Thursday.

In his talks with leaders of the US National Tourism Office and members of Congress, Ujhelyi assured his negotiating partners that Hungary’s “next government”, to be led by the Socialist Party’s László Botka, would strengthen Hungary’s commitment to Western democracy, the statement said.

[Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán and the Fidesz party’s illiberal Putinist rampage has brought Hungary’s transatlantic relations to an all-time low over the last few years,” the statement quoted Ujhelyi as saying. But the Botka government “will restore our country’s honour in the eyes of our allies”, he said.

Ujhelyi also vowed that a Socialist government would scrap “legislative measures that go against the principle of the rule of law and democratic values” such as the higher education amendment tightening regulations on foreign universities in Hungary and the law on the transparency of foreign-funded NGOs and would “keep Hungary in the EU’s mainstream”.

Ujhelyi also addressed the opening ceremony of a culture festival organised by the Smithsonian Institution.

As we wrote, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Gergely Gulyás met members of the US House of Representatives and leaders of civil organisations on the first day of a three-day visit to Washington, DC on Wednesday

Source: MTI

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