László Botka
László Botka PM candidate of left-wing opposition resigned in October claiming that he misjudged “how badly the political mafia of Fidesz has infested the democratic opposition”.

László Botka, the Socialist Party‘s candidate for prime minister, has called for an extraordinary session of parliament’s national security and defence committees to discuss the government’s “dangerous” policies.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Botka insisted that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had “put Hungary in jeopardy” and “delivered the Hungarian people into the hands of foreign powers and criminals”.

Botka said he had evidence to back up his claims.

He argued that voter data obtained in the government’s latest nationwide public survey were “forwarded through secret software to a company cooperating with the Russian secret services”. He added that a “similar trick” had been tried with the free WiFi service at the world aquatics championships venues.

The Szeged mayor also referred to reports saying that controversial Saudi businessman Ghaith Pharaon had applied for Hungarian citizenship.

Botka also insisted that NATO was no longer sharing confidential information with Hungarian government officials because “they are seen as unreliable”.

On another subject, he said the Socialists would help former LMP politician Gábor Vágó collect supporting signatures for a referendum on the introduction of a salary cap for the heads of state-owned companies.

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Source: MTI

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