Budapest, May 26 (MTI) – The conflict between the European Union and the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is deepening, an MEP of the opposition Socialist Party said on Friday, citing the expiry of the deadline for Hungary to respond to the European Commission’s demand that the government change its recently amended higher-education law.

István Ujhelyi noted at a news conference that the government had earlier promised to engage in dialogue concerning the issue of the Central European University. “To date, the cabinet has not done this and has shown no inclination to change the law,” he said.

“Orbán is scudding towards our common defeat,” the Socialist politician said.

Ujhelyi called on the government to cooperate with the European community in Hungary’s interest.

He noted that in a letter sent to Manfred Weber, the head of the European People’s Party’s parliamentary group, he had asked whether Weber thought that Orbán was politically following the European direction.

He said that if the government fails to fulfil its obligations to the commission, serious consequences could then ensue for Hungary. It will have to decide whether Hungary is to belong to the European community or “whether it carries on building Orbanistan”, Ujhelyi said.


Source: MTI

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