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Budapset, June 23 (MTI) – The opposition Socialist Party has demanded that the authorities release telephone recordings made by Zoltán Spéder, head of FHB Bank, which reportedly contain conversations between Speder, the subject of a criminal investigation, and leading ruling Fidesz party politicians.

Socialist lawmaker László Szakács told a news conference on Thursday that it appeared Speder wanted to send a message to Fidesz “in the midst of their internal strife” that “there are still a few things up his sleeve”.

He insisted that it was unacceptable that the government, since 2012, had made decisions that favoured privately owned FHB and Takarékbank in dealings with state-owned savings cooperatives and the postal service.

The Socialist called on government chief János Lázár to clarify what interests he personally has in FHB and whether this bank is indeed “the private bank of Zoltán Spéder”.

According to press reports, the prime minister, the cabinet chief and the government office chief appear on the recordings made by Spéder, a business partner of Lajos Simicska, a one-time friend of the prime minister’s.

Source: mtva.hu

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