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The Central European University (CEU) has been subjected to political persecution and its departure from Hungary would be a loss to the country and its higher education system, the opposition Socialist Party (MSZP) said on Thursday.

The Central European University (CEU) has said that unless the university can emerge from its current legal limbo in Hungary by December 1, the new student intake for its American accredited masters and doctoral programmes will start their studies at the CEU’s new campus in Vienna. Michael Ignatieff, the CEU’s president and rector, told a news conference in Budapest that the decision by the institution’s board of trustees will come into effect on December 1, though, he added, hopefully a solution to the stand-off was still possible to ensure that courses continue in Hungary. Read details HERE.

The Socialists said they called on the government to respect the law and recognise an interstate agreement tied to the university’s operations.

The CEU’s announcement is due to a political attack rather than professional necessity, deputy group leader István Hiller told a press conference on Thursday.

Vilnius, he noted, has expressed willingness to join Vienna in hosting the university if it is forced to leave Hungary.

Hiller, a former education minister, said the ruling parties had decided to amend the education law in spring 2017, and everybody who understood Hungary’s higher education system and legislation knew that the move was aimed at curtailing the CEU.

An agreement between the CEU and Bard College in New York State meets Hungary’s higher education law in every way, yet the Hungarian government refuses to sign it, he said.

The government should recognise the agreement, not least because Bard College was the US higher education institution that accepted the highest number of Hungarian students after 1956, he said, adding that 15 Nobel laureates and 120 universities have protested against the government’s treatment of the CEU.

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Source: MTI

  1. What higher education?! What dumbass recktor recktum thinks he can bluff his way through a governments’ stand on B.S. universities selling B.S. degrees known around the world that is useless and utter nonsense. Every other institution in the Hungary could get things in order mostly within the first few months of the law set out. This shit hole of nonsense was given an extra year above the rest and SOROS and Co. couldn’t get anyone to buy into it properly. So the recktum felt he should push and say ‘We done it! but the government won’t respond”. Do everyone and all a big favour, this coming from the past students of this shit hole now without any serious degrees. Go and Get Lost Recktum and Co. !

  2. Hungary is right to refuse CEU and Soros globalist (Communist) agenda. Hungary’s gain is Austria’s loss. Higher education is needed here in Hungary, not political indoctrination designed to breed more followers for Socialism (Communism). Hungarians should chase out of the country anything Soros and his lackeys are associated with.

  3. CEU is not among the top 500 universities. However, a number of Hungarian public universities are. CEU is no loss.

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