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Budapest, 2018. szeptember 13. Tóth Bertalan, a Magyar Szocialista Párt (MSZP) elnök-frakcióvezetõje (j) és Karácsony Gergely, a Párbeszéd társelnöke sajtótájékoztatót tart a Sargentini-jelentés kapcsán Budapesten, az Országgyûlés Irodaházában 2018. szeptember 13-án. Megszavazta a magyar jogállamisági helyzetrõl szóló különjelentést szeptember 12-én az Európai Parlament (EP), a plenáris ülésen 448 igen szavazattal, 197 ellenében, 48 tartózkodás mellett fogadták el a képviselõk a dokumentumot. MTI Fotó: Koszticsák Szilárd

By approving the Sargentini report criticising the rule of law in Hungary, the European Parliament has defended Hungarian citizens against their own government, the leader of the opposition Socialist Party said on Friday.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government refuses to acknowledge that “it has betrayed Hungarians and the European values Hungarians believe in and are committed to”, Bertalan Tóth told a press conference in Miskolc, in northeast Hungary.

“What happened in the European Parliament this week was bad for Orbán but a good message to Hungarian democrats,” he said.

“Orbán doesn’t want to quit the EU because the funding comes in handy for him, his family and his circles,” Tóth insisted. “Orbán wants Europe to be like what he has turned Hungary into.”

He said the Socialists party will “do everything they can to stop Orbán from achieving that goal”. On Monday, the party will submit to parliament a 12-point proposal on “the restoration of the justice system, media freedom and constitutionality”, Tóth said.

As we wrote yesterday, Hungarian parliament will have a two-day session next week, the first of its autumn season, starting with an address by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Monday, read more HERE.

Source: MTI

  1. The EUP made a huge mistakes. More citizens have turned against the EU.

  2. But a fool, the EU has done nothing but ruined the culture and exchange of information and historical importance of the region. Why would anyone believe his message was directly to harm the people of Hungary.

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