Budapest, May 6 (MTI) – Government communication in connection with events in Körmend, in western Hungary, is manipulative and an attempt to whip up a fear of migrants, the opposition Socialists said on Friday.

Socialist leader József Tóbiás referred to government office chief János Lázár, who said at his regular weekly press conference on Thursday that migrants had accosted female students in the gym of the police school and had broken windows. Later, a local police chief called into question press reports that migrants had committed the offences.

Tóbiás told a press conference that in a normal country, the prime minister and his deputy would gather information before making statements. Police should be left alone to do their job, he added.

He said “it is not the refugees who decide” where refugee camps are set up but the government. The reception centres could be set up outside towns and made into closed facilities, he added.

The ruling Fidesz party responded saying that if it were up to the Left, “the entire country would be filled with migrants”, because the Left “wants to admit and resettle” them in Hungary. A statement by Fidesz said that only a police investigation can determine whether reports about female students being harassed in Körmend are true. The government was therefore right to order the investigation and strengthen the town’s security, the party insisted.

Photo: MTI


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