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The opposition Socialist Party has argued that a recent amendment to the law on social benefits may lead to a massive increase in the number of deaths due to a lack of adequate health-care provision.

Lajos Korozs, who heads parliament’s public welfare committee, told a news conference on Saturday that 45,000-46,000 people die in Hungary because they do not get to a doctor in time. This number is likely to double in the future, he added.

Because the rules for receiving social benefits have been tightened, 591,000 people would be left without health care, he said.

The disabled, casual laborers, people leaving foster homes as well as people who rent without a residency permit are the most vulnerable, he added.

Korozs said

the country is rich enough to be able to afford proper security benefits for those who cannot afford them.

It should be up to the authorities to keep tabs on anyone who abuses the system, such the 340,000 citizens who work abroad, many of whom take advantage of the Hungarian health-care system unlawfully, he added.

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