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Socialists to present EU reform package in Brussels

Socialists to present EU reform package in Brussels

Budapest (MTI) – Hungary’s opposition Socialists will present a package of broad reforms for the European Union in Brussels in the coming days, deputy party leader and MEP István Ujhelyi said on Sunday.

The proposals, dubbed “European ReUnion”, deem necessary “the restructuring of the institutional system at the decision-making level, better integrated operation, increased popular representation, a plan to invest in human capital and sanctions against renitent members states”, Ujhelyi said.

“We European Socialists don’t want a European Union like the one now. In its present state, the EU can answer to neither pressing internal nor external challenges. While Viktor Orbán and the national populists like him work to tear the EU apart, we want a responsible reconstruction and a wise reunion,” he added.



Source: MTI

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