Budapest, 2017. szeptember 8. Sztrájkol a Fogarasi úti Tesco áruház dolgozóinak egy része a Zuglói hipermarket személyzeti bejáratnál 2017. szeptember 8-án. Az áruházlánc sajtóosztályának tájékoztatás szerint az áruházak többsége továbbra is nyitva tart, 6 hipermarket, és több kisebb üzlet bezárását rendelték el, mert nem tudták volna a vásárlókat a megszokott színvonalon kiszolgálni. MTI Fotó: Balogh Zoltán

The deputy leader of the opposition Socialists on Wednesday called the recent work stoppage of employees at several Tesco stores in Hungary “just” and backed their demands for wage and staff increases.

Tesco employees are overburdened and this could lead to accidents in the workplace, Nándor Gúr told a press conference, commenting on a two-day work stoppage held last Friday and Saturday.

The strike was called by the union after their demands for a 25 percent wage hike and a 15 percent staff increase were unmet. Their demands also include a minimum monthly wage of 200,000 forints (EUR 651) and that Tesco should apply a cap on the number of people employed by contractors.

On Friday, ten percent of Tesco’s 206 stores were closed due the work stoppage. On Saturday, their number was 27.

Gúr said that ruling Fidesz had curbed the rights of employees in 2012, and he called for this policy to be reversed.

He said that the Socialists, if elected into power in 2018 spring, would ensure fair wages that allow employees a decent living across the spectrum. The party would also implement measures to reduce the risk of accidents caused by excessive burdens on employees, he added.

The party would work in cooperation with the unions and federations representing employers while also handing unions more powers, Gúr said. He pledged to reinstate the system of interest coordination and operate a legal consultancy service.

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Source: MTI

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  1. Keep on the pressure, but not just on TESCO, FIDESZ also for letting this get out of control ! FIDESZ can turn this around faster than anyone else if pressured.

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