The Socialist Party will turn to the European Court of Human Rights if parliament decides to vote in favour of reducing the pay of lawmakers who broke the chamber’s rules, the party’s deputy chairman said on Tuesday.

Zoltán Gőgös, one of 11 opposition Socialist MPs covered by the house speaker’s ruling, noted that after protesting in support of the Central European University, party lawmakers brought into the chamber and held up banners proclaiming two slogans: “Veto” and “Don’t sign it, Janos” — the latter referring to President János Áder.

Gőgös said the punishment was handed down because the ruling Fidesz party could not “abide the voice of the people in parliament”. He also accused Speaker of Parliament László Kövér of having applied the rules indiscriminately and of failing to follow proper procedures.

He said the European court had form when it came to ruling in favour of people who had been denied their right to free speech.

Lawmakers are to vote today on whether to keep in place the speaker’s ruling on docking their Socialist colleagues’ pay.

Photo by abani

Source: MTI

  1. Laws and regulations are made to safeguard the people. Laws are also made in Parliament to safeguard unruliness happenings in Parliament as in a court of law. If laws are broken, then the perpetraters should be punished. Even in a Democratic society, laws have to be abided by. If people wish to demonstrate, then that, under democracy is their perogative, as long as it is within the law, and does not interfer with normal life. I think, what the house speeker did, was well within the law in Parliament. If politicians want to act like demented children in the respected house of educated politicians, then they should either be banned, or punished heavily.

  2. Only traitors to Hungary would go to a foreign court to complain about an unlawful act they committed. It is time for Gogos to leave Hungary and move to a country where unlawfulness is the rule of the day.

  3. Yeah to Ader, Kover, and the Fidesz to stand by law and kick the commies really good first in the balls and then in the ass. Hopefully this demonstration of the law of the people and the land does not have to be exercised again. Note the ” opposition Socialist MPs” and the LIMP DICKS party both are ALWAYS THE OPPOSITION, they can never WORK with the dominantly elected party which asks the question. Who the hell are they WITH? SOROS??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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