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Sopron like you’ve never seen it before – drone video

Sopron like you’ve never seen it before – drone video

Drone shots of Hungarian sights and cities are at their golden age right now. Szeretlek Magyarország stumbled upon another one, featuring the Hungarian city Sopron.

The video is an artistic work of Attila Juhász. The aerial footages feature Fertőrákos, the Fertőrákos Quarry, the Episcopal Palace, and Lake Fertő.

This video proves that Sopron and its region are quite beautiful even in Autumn. You will find idyllic lakes at the city border, contrasting with the auburn shade nature has taken.

It features the quarry, which could be an exciting hiking place, especially if the video has picked your interest. The surrounding area of Lake Fertő is also worth checking out, even if the buildings that have burned down in the summer give off a sad vibe.


featured image: YT/Attila Juhasz

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