Hungarian-born US financier George Soros has criticised Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the Hungarian government‘s politics in a video message published by his Open Society Foundation. 

In a series of three video messages, Soros talked about his childhood and his foundations’ work in Hungary. In the film entitled “George Soros on the present situation in Hungary”, he noted that back in the 1980s his foundation had promoted efforts to found Fidesz, Hungary’s current governing party. Further, it had also funded Orbán’s studies in Oxford, he said.

He noted that Orbán had been one of the politicians who had paved the way for Hungary’s transition from communism to democracy. Since then, however, he has completely changed and replaced democracy with an anti-democratic regime, Soros said.

“He has created … a mafia regime whose leaders use their positions to keep themselves in power and personally enrich themselves,” Soros said.

“Hungary’s current regime is squarely opposed to what we wanted to promote,” he said.

Soros said his relationship with the prime minister had deteriorated, but the conflict was not personal.

“We have an unbridgeable conflict of principles,” he said.

The financier insisted that

Hungary’s “current system is more oppressive than it was during the Soviet occupation.

At that time it was easier to transmit help and information to Hungarian society.”

Soros said that albeit he himself does not live in Hungary, those whom he supports experience “persecution”. Orbán sees them as opponents and intends to remove them from the country, he said.

Soros called the Central European University a “great success” and vowed to continue to fund it even in exile if Orban drives it out of the country, until “Orbán disappears”.

The video in Hungarian:

As we wrote on Thursday, George Soros’s Open Society Foundation is planning to assist civil groups in the provinces with “several hundred thousand” US dollars as part of the billionaire’s new strategy to “counter attacks by the Hungarian government”.

Source: MTI

  1. Schwartz György said that Hungary’s “current system is more oppressive than it was during the Soviet occupation. Who diooes this believe, except the ones who will receive a payment from this devil!
    Mr. Schwartz, I want to address myself directly to you with the following in a reaction to you above mentioned statement:
    In 1966 I was in Budapest, that was destroyed several times in that century and every time rebuilt by the Hungarian people. Lots of lives have been lost and lots of money has been spend to create what is now the most beautiful city of Europe. But Mr. Schwartz, during my stay in Budapest I met with a beautifil young Hungarian girl and we made plans for a common future. I went several times to the Hungarian Embassy in The Hague to gather all information as possible. After some visits it was said that a wedding could only take place in Budapest (no problem) but after the wedding my wife was not allowed to join me to Holland. All letters I have sent to her did not arrive at the proper place and her letters did not arrive in Holland. I wrote time after time a letter and was waiting for a reply that did not arrive. After about 10 months I met a Dutch girl and slowly we moved further in our relationship. In the end of 1968 we celebrated our engagement and at that time a call came from London – it was the Hungarian girl that had left Hungary, that had left her parents to be with me. I had to tell her about the engagement and I could not ask her more because my futute mother-in-law was standing close to me. Do you realize Mr. Schwartz, how happy and free were the Hungarioan people under the pressure of the Sovjets? Where were you at that time? Making plans to destroy the Bank of England? I know that you are a dirty old and dangerous old man but it must be you to be the last person on this planet to make these kind of ‘strange’ remarks! Let me tell you that Mr. Orbán has seen what kind of man, what kind or organisation you have and that he took the right decision: Quit and never again a contact with a person who’s name have been changed into Soros. I have no respect for people like you! And this is my personal opinion. Thank you for your attention. I still admire that Hungarian girl that could not go back to Hungary and who had to re-organize her live ‘in the West’! She could not attend the funurals of her parents and being a Magyar Mr. Schwartz you certainly know that this means…..

  2. For those not familiar, below is a link to an earlier investigative interview on 60 minutes George participated in. Just know his method of tossing cash into something he expects to pull even more money out of later. A snake is a snake that slithers away under certain doom, but will come back around to try and strike you from another angle.

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