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US financier George Soros said that the Hungarian government’s campaign against him “deliberately” misrepresents his views, in a phone interview published by the Financial Times on Monday.

Hungarian-born Soros told the paper that he had until now resisted to respond publicly “to attacks” by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán but felt it was for him time to speak out fearing for the safety of civil groups he sponsors.

“It’s a tragedy for Hungary that its government seeks to stay in power through hate-mongering and misleading the population,”

Soros told the paper, making reference to the “national consultation survey” sent to Hungarians to ask their opinion about the so-called Soros plan on migrants.

The website of Soros,, has posted a statement denouncing the campaign, saying that the statements in the national consultation “contain distortions and outright lies”.

The statement said that

“Hungarian government officials also falsely claim that George Soros is somehow controlling the European Union decision-making process“.

“In fact, decisions on how to address the migration crisis are made by EU member states and institutions, including the Hungarian government,” the statement added.

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Source: MTI

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  1. It’s a shame that George Soros is continually interfering in another State’s democracy i.e. the “Will of it’s people”. From the outsiders point of view Hungary is a democratically elected government. From this continued interference can we can draw the conclusion that Soros is some unelected auto-crat, wishing to impose on the Hungarians some form of Dictatorship from an un elected outsider. I understand that Georgy Porgy is an American citizen who operates from premises in Manhattan NYC with a base somewhere in central Europe of some 1200 employed agitators. If I were the Government and a citizen I would take extreme umbridge at GP’s interference.
    Perhaps a word in the US,s ambassadors ear would suffice to deter Georgy or to ask him whats he about. This assumes of course that the US intentions are honerable or if not perhaps ask Donald his thoughts on the issue

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