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An overwhelming majority of voters who participated in the government survey dubbed as national consultation rejected the “Soros plan”, state secretary for government communication Bence Tuzson said in Budapest on Sunday. 

Tuzson noted that the latest national consultation has been the most successful in the history of such polls as 2.3 million voters participated in it. He said that more than 1.5 million questionnaires had been processed by December 7, 99 percent of which were valid.

Almost all the participants rejected the idea that, as part of the Soros plan, 1 million immigrants a year should be settled in Europe, the fence along Hungary’s southern border should be dismantled and migrants should be distributed among the EU member states based on mandatory resettlement quotas, the state secretary said.

Tuzson said the overwhelming majority of respondents rejected the suggestion that “the state should support each immigrant with 9 million forints,” as well as the idea that in the case of certain criminal offences the immigrants should fall into a milder penalty category.

Those who returned the government’s questionnaire also rejected the idea that Hungary’s language and culture should be changed or relegated into the background as well as the suggestion that countries rejecting the “Soros plan” should have to pay a fine, he said.

The state secretary reiterated that “the government will fight the mandatory quota scheme and advocate the position of the Hungarian people both in Hungary and Europe”.

Source: MTI

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