Rare and exotic animals arrived at the Debrecen Zoo recently, reports magyarorszagkul.nlcafe.hu. The newcomers include several different species such as the African buffalo, kookaburra, straw-necked ibis, a blue-and-yellow macaw and the most special of all: the leopard cat.

The Debrecen Zoo was founded in 1958, and it was the first zoo outside of the capital. The zoo constantly tries to renew itself, to have something new and exciting. The Debrecen Zoo has recently announced on its Facebook page that new animals arrived, five different species from three different continents.

Super cute giraffe baby born in the Debrecen Zoo – Photo Gallery

Debrecen Zoo actively takes part in the European rescue program for Philippian leopard cats. This is the first time in a long while that a Hungarian Zoo takes part in a species rescue program as a founding member.

The leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) is a small wild cat that is native to South, Southeast and East Asia. The species is widely distributed but threatened by habitat loss and hunted in parts of its range. Archaeological evidence indicates that the leopard cat was the first cat species domesticated in China 5,000 years ago.

Photo: commons.wikimedia.org By Kuribo

Four European zoos collaborated to reach a stable number of European livestock with the help of a breeding program so that the leopard cats can be safely relocated to their natural habitat in the future. The European livestock currently consists of 13 animals.

Debrecen Zoo is the only place in Hungary where visitors can see leopard cats.

Apart from the leopard cats, 4 other species also arrived. African buffalos, kookaburras, a blue-and-yellow macaw and straw-necked ibises also arrived at Debrecen Zoo.

Photo: Facebook.com/zoodebrecen/

The straw-necked ibis, similarly to the leopard cats, can only be seen at Debrecen Zoo.

Photo: Facebook.com/zoodebrecen/

A blue-and-yellow macaw (Ara ararauna), a large South American parrot with blue top parts and yellow underparts, also arrived from Brno.

Featured image: Facebook.com/zoodebrecen/

Source: www.magyarorszagkul.nlcafe.hu

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